Why Focus PD

Focus Partial Discharge


Industry Expertise

Focus PD has energized the power industry with new and revolutionary ideas. We understand the complexity of power substation operations, your unique application requirements, and your stringent performance criteria better than anyone else in the business. This knowledge is embedded in every Partial Discharge solution of Focus PD.

World-class Technology

Using the world’s most advanced technology, The member of Focus PD have been helping customers to control Electrical failure processes for decades. Our superior technologies provide a comprehensive solution to help meet operational readiness objectives for either new-build or existing alternative energy challenges.

Long-term Support

The Member of Focus PD have a long history of providing our customers with the highest level of support. Our commitment to long-term support for your renewable solution will help you achieve business objectives, reduce or contain operating and service costs, and keep your system running at peak performance today and well into the future.

Strength and Stability

When executing critical projects, you need to know that the partners you select are strong and stable, and will continue to be a solid corporate presence far into the future. Focus PD has accumulated experiences of designing , implementing, and supporting automation technologies.