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Focus Partial Discharge


MK xxx Series professional-grade thermal image uses one of the best high-resolution thermal image detectors. The temperature distribution of the non-contact detection equipment can be clearly presented even with subtle temperature defects, and the temperature can be accurately detected.

IR Thermal Imaging Camera MK660_Mk640.pdf

EC4000P_main (6)

Multiple Handheld Type Unit – UltraScan:

The UltraScan:EC4000P, the Multiple handheld Partial Discharge Detection unit measures PD Levels, PD Pulse Data and Peak PD Activity across the 50/60Hz power cycle to enable the severity of any partial discharge activity to be assessed. By combining Six (6) types of PD sensor (UHF,TEV,HFCT, AE, Flexible Acoustic Probe AA(optional), and Parabolic Dish Acoustic AA(optional)), the unit is suitable for most types of in-service medium voltage (MV) cables and plant and high voltage (HV) switchgear……Full_UltraScan_EC4000P.pdf


Online Monitoring FPD3000:

The PDM detects,analyzes and records ultra-wide-bandwidth of electro-wave signals by highly sensitive UHF sensors in all Voltage ranges which can be generated by Partial Discharge in the facilities(GIS,Transformer,PowerCable). It collects PD data from UHF sensors installed on the facilities and transmits the information to software for automatic interpretation and analysis by propriety Software– allowing incipient faults to be avoided and the condition of the long term health of the insulation system to be simply and effectively monitored over the life of the facilities(GIS,Transformer,PowerCable).


Multi Mode FPD2000 Advanced:

Portable Multiple PDM System is Multipurpose Device for PD Measuring and Analyzing in the Transformer Insulation, GIS, High voltage Cables and Joints. This device has five independent measuring channels (expandable) in which the signals are measured absolutely synchronously.
The UHF, acoustic emission (AE) sensor and radio frequency current transducer (RFCT) have been used to detect partial discharge (PD) activity. Although each of the three methods has been applied individually under different situations. Advanced PPDM.pdf

Portable GIS PD Monitoring System FPD2000

Single Mode FPD2000 Standrd:

Portable PDM System is an optimized equipment for precise measurement of abnormal signs from partial discharge, the light weight and PORTABLE PD MONITORING SYSTEM portability for the measurement with frequent movement and the simple installation. Moreover, it features the integration with the latest technology in order to better analyze the trends of partial discharge, by enabling the data to be saved separately in each substation. PORTABLE PD MONITORING.pdf


New Prime 600 Dynamic Micro Ohmmeter:

The Prime 600 is a new and advanced generation of micro ohmmeter, the only one in the market that integrates both the contact resistance and the dynamic resistance measurement (DRM) for cost-efficient condition evaluation of contacts in SF6 and vacuum type circuit breakers; Prime 600 is a high current micro-ohmmeter that provides true pure DC with smart control up to 600 A, a wide measurement range with high power, dual ground testing process, thermal printer, touch display, pre-defined test modes and automatic reporting…….Full_Prime600EN-S.pdf


Cable Monitoring FPD1000:

Online Cable PDM System is &the diagnostic equipment for detecting the defects of insulator and preventing various electric accidents in early stage, which are caused by faulty construction during the underground cable pulling and the assembly process as well as the deterioration from outside impact, thermal, electric, mechanic shock on the cable joint box.


Substation Test Solution:

The Raptor is a smart test system designed as the ultimate solution for the main primary test applications required in the commissioning and maintenance of substations, marking the difference with respect to existing equipment now being used. This new generation of Primary Injection Test System makes primary testing easier, faster and more convenient. RAPTOR EN screen.pdf


Substaion Test Solution:

The Raptor HV connects to the master unit via the Expansion Port, from where it also takes the necessary power. You can think of the Raptor HV as a pluggable high voltage peripheral that takes advantage of all the valuable features in the Raptor Master including the electronically controlled switching amplifier, DSP based intelligence and a robust communication and device synchronization system. Naturally the HV’s control is fully integrated in the master’s console.RAPTOR HV EN screen.pdf



The PME-500-TR is an extraordinary forward step in the concept of circuit breaker test equipment, due to its simple and easy control method. The equipment saves time and improves testing productivity.
The control of the equipment is by a touch screen panel. This allows test parameters to be entered and gives a visual display of the test results in graphic and numeric format. A built-in thermal printer enables test results to be printed immediately.
PME500TR ingl screen.pdf

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Online PDM System F1: is a monitoring & decision system to check MCSG for defects, detecting electromagnetic waves of partial discharge caused by insulation deterioration from the circuit breaker, Disconnector, CT, PT, TR in MCSG or on the surface of an equipment.

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Multiple RELAY TEST Solution :

The new Mentor 12 universal platform revolutionizes the traditional relay testing concepts. With more than 25 years in designing and developing test equipment, EuroSMC has launched a product which exceeds the expectations of the most demanding professionals in this field. Mentor12 EN screen.pdf


EuroSMC General Catalogue:

The EuroSMC is proud to present in this catalog the widest range of products that exist on the market for electrical test equipment in relay testing and for substations maintenance in applications for generation, distribution, transmission and industry EuroSMC General Catalogue.pdf