Focus Partial Discharge


Thermal camera MK6xx series

MK600 collection is a professional-grade thermal camera
featuring accurate temperature measurement and high-resolution
imaging, specifically for research and science applications.

MK640, as the highest-end professional grade thermal imaging camera
of MK 6xx series, has 640 x 480 (307,200 pixels) detector resolution,
a standard lens with the minimum detection distance of 0.20m(7.87 inch).
More optional professional lens and accessories are available to fit for
various applications and test scenes.

Professional thermal image/video analysis software, Analyz IR can
further analyze the data to fully meet the needs of MRO and R&D users.


Gas density transmitter

Gas density transmitter for monitoring the gas density and the dew point temperature in high voltage circuit breakers and systems containing SF6 gas


Intelligent device (IED)

Intelligent device (IED) For Supporting IEC61850 KIT
IEC61850 Intelligent device for smart grid IEC61850-3、IEEE1613 standard,EMC class4 An international standard for substation automation systems, the IEC 61850 standard defines the communication between devices in the substation and related systems. Designed as an open standard that provides design flexibility and is future proof, IEC 61850 enables the integration of all protection, control, measurement, and monitoring functions within a power system network at the field or process and station control levels.



PROFILE P3 provides a unique insight into the true condition of circuit breakers at all voltages. Capturing the vital ‘first trip’ shows how the breaker would perform in a real-life fault situation. Powerful Onsite Analysis Combined Protection Relay and Circuit Breaker Online Test Multi-shot Mode Automated Comparison Function Circuit Breaker Database on PROFILE P3