Focus Partial Discharge


Technical Consulting

Through its technical consulting services, FOCUS PD supplies customers with comprehensive know-how in electrical PD engineering. Our competent engineers possess expert knowledge and have extensive personal experience in all aspects of Partial Discharge engineering.


On-Site Training

Our team of Field Service Engineers can provide your team of engineers/technicians with installation services to ensure your new equipment is operating to its fullest capabilities. While on-site conducting a commissioning of system our engineers will:


Diagnosis Services

Focus PD’s Technical Service Engineers are dedicated to providing expert, on-site support every step of the way. These services include: Differentiating PD signal from background noise Identifying background noise source Proceeding with Precision Diagnosis if PD signal is detected Analyzing PD defect type with the evaluation of streamed data. Identifying the PD defect type PD source location can be estimated by Time of Arrival Method.